Haven meetings are for people in Sutton who have or have had Mental Health problems and it provides peer support, sign-posting to other services and mutual support. These are a space where those who may be interested in being a member can find out more about the Network, meet members and provide peer support to each other and catch up with news and updates between Network meetings.

There are several weekly meetings:

Wednesdays 2-4pm at Salvation Army
Saturdays 2-4pm at Esquires Café, St Nicholas Centre
Mondays 7.15-9.30pm at the Moon on the Hill Pub

Network Meetings – The Coordination Group

These meetings are where the work, campaigns and activities of the Network are discussed, planned and organised. It is where members who serve as delegates on different forums and boards give feedback. Sometimes the sessions are used to raise awareness of local developments in mental health services and commissioning or to hold training sessions. Participants in the meetings are asked to abide by a set of ground rules.

Notes are taken of what is discussed and published on this website, under the ‘Minutes‘ section.

Network meetings are monthly at Sutton Mental Health Foundation in Belmont.

Contact Sutton Mental Health Foundation for more information.
Email / Telephone 020 8770 0172