Health and Wellbeing Strategy Feedback

Response to the Draft Sutton Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Sutton 1 in 4 Network welcomes the opportunity to produce a commentary to the draft Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Sutton 1 in 4 Network is a User led organisation for people who have or are experiencing mental and emotional distress and live in Sutton. 

We work in a co-productive way with each other and with other organisations and agencies to promote recovery, wellbeing and resilience and to ensure that the experience, knowledge and expertise of our members and those we work for are valued and acknowledged and used in the future delivery and commissioning of services.. For further information visit our website,

We see mental and emotional wellbeing as a foundation stone of any health and wellbeing strategy. When looking at the draft document we were surprised that there was no reference to the current national mental health strategy No Health without Mental Health nor any reference to the Sutton and Merton Mental Health Commissioning Strategy.

However we are pleased that the draft strategy uses the 5 steps to wellbeing as a key concept behind all it’s proposed outcomes.

Whilst we acknowledge that the draft is the first step towards a more comprehensive strategy in future years 2013 and beyond. We feel that it would be useful if any of the proposed outcomes in priority area three were assessed by using a tool such as the Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment this would enable the partners to assess and improve the strategy and its proposed outcomes to ensure that it has a maximum equitable impact on peoples mental wellbeing.

We recognise that it is important to ensure that proposed outcomes are achievable and we welcome the ideas relating to children and young people , but we would like to know what role they have had in the development of that specific outcome. However we were slightly disappointed to see that the 2nd Outcome target for Improving thelife chances of adults with mental ill-health was narrow based around the FACs criteria, especially when we know that the majority of people who have enduring mental health needs do not fit the criteria and there are only a very small number of individuals who are in receipt of direct payments.

We would have liked to see a more dynamic proposed outcome and target We would welcome the opportunity to help develop the Outcomes in the 3rd Priority area both in the short and longer term.

A recurring theme in our discussions with people with lived experience of mental and emotional distress is that they really find it difficult to navigate their way through different services and resources that are supposed to be in place to support them. They feel bounced around the system and not getting their needs meet or even recognized this and the process of experiencing of having to constantly repeat ones history and experience often negates any moves towards recovery and wellbeing

Sutton 1in4 Network would like to assist in the creation of a Sutton Mental Wellbeing Network that brought together Service Users, Carers, Commissioners from Health and Social Care, Voluntary Sector Providers, Primary and Secondary Care and Public Health with the aim of having a consistent approach in promoting mental and emotional wellbeing. Our work with other partners around the development of the Signpost Sutton is a small example for joint working.

It also may be just a small point but we feel that the Strategy should be changed so that Priority 4 becomes Priority 1. If we are serious about developing health and wellbeing we need to do this first by developing partnerships and co-production activity in the different communities across Sutton We need to start to map the assets available in order to make the strategy something real to individuals and communities.

Due to the very tight timetable to get comments back to you, we hope that what we have said is of some value. We would really like to be part of any future consultation on this strategy.

Alan Leader

On behalf of Sutton 1in4 Network