What’s the ‘1 in 4’ about?
It is estimated that 1 in 4 people will at sometime in their life experience mental or emotional distress.

Who are we?
Sutton 1 in 4 Network is a community organisation for people who have done or do experience mental and emotional distress and live in Sutton.

We work as a co-operative where members share their skills, knowledge and experience.

Our aims

  • To listen and learn from people who have experienced mental health difficulties with the aim of informing the development and improvement of local services.
  • To have user representatives from all mental health services operating in the borough meeting on a regular basis.
  • Hold Open Forums on specific themes or concerns.
  • Promote the talents, creativity, skills of people with mental health needs in order to combat discrimination, stigma and social isolation.
  • To support the development of user led and user controlled self help services and initiatives.
  • To support individuals to gain or regain their confidence and abilities in order that they can influence and participate in the design, development, management and evaluation of services provided to people with mental health needs in Sutton.
  • Encourage local providers to take proactive steps to involve those who use their services in shaping and influencing their future development.
  • To encourage and support individuals on their journey to recovery and well-being.

What we do
The Network enables communication and interaction between mental health service users and organisations responsible for purchasing and providing mental health care and services.

Who can join
Anyone who lives in Sutton who has or is experiencing mental or emotional distress or/and has contact with mental health services.